Condition Monitoring The Intelligent Way

Intellinova® is an online condition monitoring system where well-proven methods and modern technology meet to ensure the highest possible uptime of critical assets.

Increased productivity

In all industries, ensuring machinery uptime is vital to meet increasing demands on productivity and 24/7 availability requirements. An online condition monitoring and diagnosis system is an asset management tool that will keep constant watch over your equipment, maximizing the level of plant availability and performance.

A multifunctional backbone of any condition monitoring program, Intellinova implements far-sighted solutions, ensuring a durable and scalable system.

Customer defined solutions

Intellinova is distinguished by its great flexibility and ease of use, enabling fast implementation of customer defined solutions. Accuracy and reliability are also trademarks of this high performance system. The system combines complex measuring techniques and advanced


data processing with a user friendly interface and a variety of options for individual system customization. The result is a highly flexible, high performance system delivering easily understood condition information that will help you make the most informed maintenance decisions.

Cost effectiveness

The impact of a well-implemented condition monitoring system can be dramatic. With operational efficiency and cost effectiveness in mind, we designed a rugged system, made for rough industrial environments and long-term use. Day after day, you can trust Intellinova to provide up-to-date information on the mechanical condition of your machinery. Around the clock, condition information is made available to maintenance staff no matter what their location.